Volkswagen Aftermarket Parts Edit (obviously they have neuspeed stuff like plugs, swaybars, etc….) (have good products and prices, headlights, body styling) (site for Hofele products, obviously, gives good pics) (very good Canadian site, have many products) (carry ABT, AMS, and many other parts) (VW styling products) (everyone knows them) (VW styling products and more, German site) (have tons of products and good pricing) (really good products and prices for everything) (exhaust systems and more) (random parts for VW makes) (have styling parts for VW models, kind of pricey) (some sweet products, and good prices) (all sorts of products, like exhaust, shifter, etc…) (very good product and prices) (brakes, intakes, superchargers, and more) (German styling company, very nice products) (very popular sites, very good prices and products, have everything) (clutch kits for VW and other makes) (Bonrath styling site, good pictures) (Awesome VW styling part, German site) (Styling and Wheels for VW, German site) (Pure Motorsports – great site for lots of stuff) (good prices on parts) (similar to stopshopanddrive) (limited selection but usually offers good prices on Euro spec parts) (great place to pick up silicone vacuum lines) (gauges, gauges, gauges) (garage door buttons for sixth switch location) (plugs for filling in license plate holes in bumpers) (rebuilt axles - great company to work with) (all kinds of auto parts available here - good prices on most stuff) new home of Clay (rippinralf) formerly at CTS Turbo.

Volkswagen OEM Parts Edit (a good place to get OEM parts, pretty good prices) (have OEM parts and wheel spacers) (they have many OEM products) (have the basic list of OEM parts, a good source) (a good place to find OEM parts) (has the best prices for some OEM parts) (also has the best OEM part prices, cheap shipping too) (have most OEM parts for sale) (OEM parts, a selection but not too big) (VW dealer that offers a 20% with Clubb5 coupon code) (OEM parts from the dealer) (good prices on VW parts including CAs and TREs) (Great Source for VW Parts)

Volkswagen Tools Edit (custom specialty VW tools - they make some cool stuff) (good for things like the rear piston retraction tool and lightweight aluminum jack) (supplier of OBDII cables) (THE place to buy vagcom software and cables - the real deal) (Specialty VW and Audi Tools)

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