1. Take two flat head screw drivers or two butter knives and insert them in-between the upper and lower housing and the dash. Carefully pry up on the top and down on the bottom until the vent starts to move. There is 4 notches that hold the small vents in and 6 that hold the main center vent in. The dash will be pushed away from the vent, but don't be alarmed, the dash is tough. Once the vent has begun the move out of the dash, carefully pull out the vent. It might be hard at first, the seal that holds the vent to the duct is sticky. Once out, unplug the wire connector from the vent and remove.


2. This is what you will see once the vent is out. As you can see there is a wire and connector on the right side of the opening.

3. Here is the side view of the vent, removed. The white part is the housing for the green "Fiber Optic" part that transmit the light from the bulb. In the vertical part of the housing, you can see the black housing that is the bulb.


4. I have removed the white housing, although you do not need to to remove the bulb. Looking down into the green "Fiber Optic" housing, you can see a notch behind the bulb housing. I used a piece that I trimmed off of a circle template, however anything that is thin, hard will work. I call it the "key'. There is a tab that you must disconnect to get the bulb out, hence the need for something to stick in there. Once you stick it in the notch, you will feel the "key" start to get harder to push, then it will ease up. At that point the tab is released. Note-keep this "key" that you make. It will come in handy if you need to change anymore lights.


5. Once the "key" has released the tab, used a pair of needle nose pliers to pull out the bulb. Simple as that.


6. Here is the bulb. Part number-3B0-919-243A ...Take that to your dealer and order how ever many you need. They will not have these in stock. Push the bulb in, hook up the wire connector, and push the vent back in. Make sure that the wire is not trapped in-between the vent and the duct. On the main center vent, you might have to work one side out and then the other. Take your time and the vents will come right out.

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